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Close up of honour board designed by Freestyle Sign Studio

Honours Boards

Maintain history and tradition by adding to or starting a new honours board. At Freestyle Sign Studio, Peter Anthony uses traditional, time-tested methods to handwrite honours boards of the highest standard.

Use honours boards to commemorate achievements

The ultimate signwriting medium, gold leaf will never tarnish or fade and will always look as good as new.

Typically used in schools and sports clubs to recognise success or status, honours boards are also suitable for pubs, restaurants and any location where a little bit of prestige and style won’t go amiss. Maintain the history of a building by using Peter and the Freestyle Sign Studio, based in Epson, for traditional, time-tested methods for handwriting honour boards of the highest standard throughout Central London and surrounding areas.

hand written honour boards

Traditionally, honours boards are handwritten by a signwriter using 23K gold leaf, though some may be written in black or white or have entries added in gold, black, or white vinyl.

If you are updating an honours board, for purposes of consistency and so as not to detract from the overall design it is important to remember to choose a signwriter matched in skill to the signwriter who completed previous entries.

New honours boards and honour board updates

Whether you are looking for a new honours board or hoping to update your existing board, we can help. If you need a new board created, we will construct it and stain it to match any existing honours boards, or as you require. Why not think outside the box and have a modern, bespoke design created for you? Call Peter today to discuss your requirements.

Take a look at Farnborough College’s or the Captain Resourceful board for contemporary designs, or alternatively The Royal Automobile Club’s or Chelsea Royal Hospital’s boards to see something more traditional.

Do you have an honours board that needs updating by a professional? Call Freestyle Sign Studio in Central London today on 020 3479 3695